Signs of a Broken/Burst Pipe

Broken pipes need to get fixed as early as possible to avoid big problems in the future. If you see any of the signs given below, call professional plumbers immediately.!!

  • Chilling Temperatures

Chilling temperatures can be a huge problem that! can lead to various plumbing problems. Freezing temperatures will let the water inside the pipes freeze. Frozen pipes can burst at any time and! can do disasters sometimes, so it is crucial to solve this problem as soon as possible!

If you find your pipes covered with ice or getting stiff and swollen, seek professional help.

Do not try to deal with these problems on your own. Professionals know very well how to deal with this issue and care for and fix your plumbing system accurately!

  • Stained Walls

Stained walls are a sign of leakage and give an ugly look, to your home! When water is continuously running or hitting the wall it causes stains on the walls. Over time these stains get prominent and unpleasant. It can be difficult for you to understand where the leakage is. Call Air I Am Florida for all your plumbing needs in Florida. Our team is highly experienced and can deal with all plumbing issues quickly.!

  • Low Water Pressure or zero flow of water

There can be several reasons for low water pressure:

  • Pipes are burst or broken, and due to lack of water, there is no pressure!
  • The pipes are blocked or clogged! with dust, dirt, or any foreign substance. The blockage will not let the water flow fully through the pipe!
  • Corroded or very old faucet!

Call professional plumbers in Florida and let them inspect the reason behind the low water pressure. They will get to the root cause of it and fix the issue for you quickly!

  • Unusual Smells

If you get unusual or unpleasant smells from pipes there might be something inside the water, pipes clogging them. A clogged pipe can be a house for molds and bacteria that can cause a foul smell and make you feel uncomfortable about it. Sometimes clogged pipes will create unusual sounds or bubbles of water, and that is a sign that water is struggling to flow inside. Call the plumbers right away and get your pipes fixed! They will clean and unclog the pipes and fix them. You should keep an eye on and take care of whatever you are putting in your sink. Foreign substances can ruin the water pipes and your whole plumbing system!

  • Discolored Water

If you are getting dirty, muddy, or discolored water from taps then it might be a case that the pipes are not doing well. They might get corroded from the inside, or something gets stuck inside the water pipes. It is risky and dangerous to consume this water as it can lead to water-contaminated diseases. And rusty pipes get so fragile and can break at any time.

Do not consume this water and call plumbers in Florida for an inspection.

  • Call Air I Am Florida for Help with Burst Pipes

If your plumbing system gets a sudden breakdown call! Air I Am Florida for quick and expert services. Our expert plumbers will inspect the system, and find the cause of it first. After that they will provide you, with the most cost and time-efficient solution. Call us for all your plumbing service needs. We would love to help you out!

Some Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are usually unavoidable and need to get treated as early as possible. Some issues arise if the part or system is pretty old and! has gone through a lot of wear and tear. And sometimes due to no maintenance systems get sudden breakdowns!

If you are looking for plumbers in Florida you have come to the right place. At Air I Am Florida, we have fixed! all types of plumbing issues regardless of their size. Below are some most common plumbing issues that we do handle most often!


Dripping faucets is one of the most! disturbing and irritating problems that one cannot avoid at all. There can be many reasons behind this issue, as such corroded faucets or no proper installation. Depending upon the reason the plumbing expert will sort out this problem for you. Sometimes a quick replacement is the correct solution. Just call professional plumbers in Florida and get this sorted quickly!


Below are the reasons for running toilets

  • Flapper seals damage & corrosion in toilet handles!
  • Incorrect flapper chains size & Flush Valves have worn out!
  • Refill tube issues!

You cannot imagine how many gallons of water the running toilets can waste in a short period. Get professional plumbing help as soon as possible for this issue…


Pipes can be leaking in your home due to the following reasons:

  • Obstinate clogs or blockage…
  • Cracked seals or pipes & extreme water pressure..
  • Corrosion in pipes or wrong pipe laying..
  • Joint damage in pipes..

This plumbing problem needs to get fixed fast, and we cannot ignore the wastage of water for a long time. It can do more damage to the plumbing system as well as to our homes beyond your imagination….


 Slow or clogged drainage problems can cause plumbing disasters or even health perils if not fixed immediately…

The drain should get cleaned by professional plumbers regularly to avoid big troubles. Drain can be clogged or blogged due to the build-up of waste material or any foreign object that is not supposed to pass the drainage. These problems can cause other huge issues to your home, so do not avoid or neglect them. Get your drainage system diagnosed by professional plumbers to find the root cause and fix that…


 Water heater problems can occur due to several reasons like:

  • Heating element collapses…
  • Corrosion or sediment development…
  • Incorrect water heater installation…
  • Disconnected or broken electrical connections…


If the flow of water through taps and other plumbing systems is low, then it can be a result of some big problems like:

  • Corroded pipes…
  • Clogged  or cracked sewer or drain…

Low water pressure will not allow us to use our plumbing systems more efficiently. Then, it will be challenging for us to do our daily household! chores and other activities quickly. Call Air I Am for all plumbing services in Florida

We have experts to provide you with exceptional services and offer same-day and emergency plumbing services too.

Air I Am Florida has covered all of your plumbing services needs.!